Sunday, July 5, 2009

Voice Against Sally Kern

I love Oklahoma. I was born and raised here. My grandparents helped settle two areas of this great state. One side helped settle the northeast part of Oklahoma and one side helped settle central Oklahoma. My love for this state is deep seated within my soul. I believe in the people of Oklahoma. I have seen Oklahomans rise through the ashes of tornados, wildfire, ice storms, and terrorism. There is an indelible belief in seeing our neighbors through the hard times and celebrating with them the good times. Oklahomans have stood for what is right without the ignominy of righteousness. We have stood for justice without the disgrace of inequity; and we have stood for Faith without the stain of exclusion. Sally Kern, who was not born in Oklahoma, seems to think that her voice should be the loudest coming out of Oklahoma, representing Oklahoma beliefs and Oklahoma values. Oklahomans need to raise their voices in solidarity against her desire to divide Oklahoma. Oklahomans must show the nation and the world that Sally Kern does not speak for all of us. Some would say that the best reason for raising our voices against Ms. Kern is the economic reason; no Fortune 500 company is going to extend their business in Oklahoma as long as Ms. Kern's is the loudest voice to come out of Oklahoma. According to statistics provided by the Human Rights Campaign, 86 percent of Fortune 500 companies now bar discrimination based on sexual orientation. More than half of Fortune 500 companies extend Domestic Partnerships to their employees.
The best reason for Oklahoman's to speak out with one voice against Ms. Kern is that it would be doing what is right. Oklahoma, a state born from diversity of Native American tribes, fertilized with the blood from every race, has worked hard to triumph over hatred. We have a long way to go but we continue to strive to be an honorable state. We need to show the nation we are still Oklahoma Proud.

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