Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Like most people engaged in the political discourse of America, I get quite a few requests for campaign donations from politicians around the nation. I decided that since what I most often get are form letters spouting all the wonderful things the politicians are doing creating change, I would start sending out a form letter back to them stating why I won't be sending any money to politicians for a bit.

I spent quite a bit of money on democratic candidates in the 2008 election cycle. I didn't mind because I felt that America might finally be tired of being run by big business and would start working for ALL people and not just the rich. So far this year I have not seen a whole lot of change. What I have seen is the super majority Democrats caving into the super minority Republicans. We got a stimulus bill, which was and is needed, weakened mightily seeking bipartisan support, when it came to the vote, we didn't get one Republican vote. I am so tired of being told things are changing, and then seeing that the words don't match the actions. I understand the need for bipartisan action, I agree with including everyone in the mix, but the Republicans have repeatedly shown they are prepared to offer their support for the changes they want, often weakening a piece of legislation, but then when the time comes to put their vote where their promises are, they don't show up. A public option is imperative for health care. What I am hearing in the news and reading about shows that again, the Democrats, are kneeling before the Republicans to put big business first over the well being of America. When the Democrats pass health reform WITH a public option, then I will start donating again. Until that time, my money will stay in the bank to help pay for healthcare that I cannot afford. I would much rather be sending my money to people who are willing to make the changes promised happen.

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  1. I'm a Democrat but I'm sad to say that the main reason why they capitulate to Republicans is because the same lobbyists are paying them off as well. Until we have publicly financed campaigns, we're up the creek without a paddle.

    Still when it comes time to vote, I know that the Dems will do a little better than the Repugs.


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